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Puff, Bench, Stool


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    Designed by Yuni Jie. Inspired by the beauty and richness of Indonesian culture, the RAYA collection embraces both function and aesthetic, transforming living essentials into elegant masterpieces. Intertwined between the traditional and the modern, RAYA is a celebration of style and luxury.

    IDR 12,100,000
  2. MAHA BENCH with Standard Fabric

    Designed by Yuni Jie. Timeless design furniture collection with its rich texture. MAHA living collection brings warm, calm, inviting feel to a space. The overall collection is as fresh approach for urban contemporary design. International look product without forgetting organic design linen adapted from local culture.
    IDR 10,300,000

    Inspired by the nation artistic character that commonly practice 'carving' or 'crafting', the main character of Vassa lays in its intricate 'slices' or 'bevel' detail.

    IDR 3,300,000
  4. PUFF CP05 - Fabric C

    Small Puff companion for your dressing table.
    IDR 3,000,000
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