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  1. Steelcase - GESTURE Chair

    Steelcase Gesture Chair Adaptive yet dynamic to conquer the working environment these days, Steelcase Gesture Chair is the first office chair designed to support a greater range of postures and user sizes. Within a better understand on human posture and inspired by human body, this chair is fully supported healthy movement by its 3D liveback system and availability of 360 degree armrest motion. It also can reflect a well qualified chair to achieve long time goals to its users.
    IDR 22,000,000
  2. Steelcase - LEAP Chair

    Steelcase Leap Chair Perfectly called a seat for every task, Steelcase Leap Chair comes in an integrated liveback system within innovative technologies. To accommodate moveable task, it is also include thermal comfort and natural glide system. An individual fit that build in a thoughtful sustainability, this chair may increase productivity and adaptable to change in every posture of working style.
    IDR 20,000,000
  3. Steelcase - THINK Chair

    Steelcase Think Chair Work and think properly with an automatic ergonomics chair, Steelcase Think Chair . Leading the way to be smart, simple and sustainable, this chair offers suitable benefits to its users. An integrated liveback system combine in an advances weight –activated mechanism with a natural fluid motion may brings a productive wellbeing at work. To reach its full potential, the seat cushion equipped with adaptive bolstering and comfort dial back control
    IDR 12,000,000

    Matala is truly inspired by the concept of a smart living and office, creating balance and promoting harmony.

    The transformation of Indonesian tradition into a product with contemporary design spirit, by fusing the high manufacturing process and the high craftsmanship of the locals, as well as the detail of Indonesian rattan, has brought the real beauty and comfort to this chair. And yet, its attention to the detail of human factors makes Matala suitable for supporting your productive days at the office or your lazy weekends at home.

    Design by (Late) Irvan Noe'man.

    IDR 5,500,000
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4 Item(s)