About Us


VIVERE, Your lifestyle & one-stop furnishing partner.

Founded by Dedy Rochimat in year 2003, VIVERE is an Indonesian local furniture & lifestyle brand that offers interior collections for homes. The brand endorses contemporary designs, expressed by clean lines and embellished with a modern touch. The result is a universal style that brings forth a beautiful atmosphere for life.

To accommodate every need, style, and preference from each person, VIVERE has wide-ranging furniture and home decor collection from natural, modern, classic, minimalist, to premium. Collaborate with R&D also Indonesian well-known designers, we try to fulfill and be the answer to your home furnishing and decoration.

Not only for home but also for lifestyle needs, VIVERE can be your partner in every daily activity. VIVERE collab with Indonesian local brands from many industries such as leather craft, F&B, dining ware, home decoration also fashion with the name of #VIVERElokal to embrace the creativity and quality of our local products that can compete with international brands.

While VIVERE Collection is tailored to target the retail market, we also have an establishment for project-based merchants or other business properties. VIVERE Project and Hospitality are focusing on project-based needs with exclusive furniture collection and fully customized dimensions also fabric. Using high-quality materials such as solid wood, rattan, and outdoor ropes, these exclusive collections for hospitality are the right choice for your business.

In 2019 VIVERE also proud to announce that CASAKA is part of VIVERE Group. CASAKA is an artisan furniture collection that focuses on solid woodcraft. Every piece of wood tells different stories, this is one of the soul from CASAKA that bring the uniqueness and piece of art into your home.

VIVERE Showrooms located in Jakarta, Tangerang, Surabaya, and Bali with more than 10 stores from regular home store, home & decor store, to the flagship store. We also have domestic partners across Indonesia located in Aceh, Pekanbaru, Palembang, Medan, Makassar, and Batam. For international partners, our products can be found in Japan and India. Year by year we’re aiming to have more domestic and international partners to help you get our products easily and introduce high-quality Indonesian locally made products into wider and bigger markets.

VIVERE Collection brand under PT VIVERE MULTI KREASI is a subsidiary of VIVERE GROUP, one of the biggest companies in Indonesia that has been around for more than 35 years. This holding company holds several companies such as, GGS (Gema Graha Sarana), LKS (Laminatech Kreasi Sarana), PGM (Prasetya Gema Mulia), VGS (Vinotindo Graha Sarana), and AIDA (Aida Rattan).