VIVERE Group was started with the establishment of PT Gema Graha Sarana in 1984 and counted ten people among its staff. For the last three decades, the company has grown to more than 1,000 employees and a recognized brand within interior contracting, mechanical-electrical services, furniture manufacturing and components, office furniture, home furnishings, and fixtures. As a testament to the company's success in the Indonesian market, VIVERE Group became publicly listed in 2002 and is also ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified.

Gema Graha Sarana - GGS

Since established in 1984, GGS has evolved into one of the country’s leading interior contractors and furniture manufacturers; establishing a solid track record for successfully completed projects on time, on budget and met the standard quality required by clients.

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Laminatech Kreasi Sarana - LKS

Laminatech Kreasi Sarana, known as LKS, is a part of VIVERE Group, the leader in the interior and furniture industry in Indonesia. Established in 1997, LKS main business is to provide high-quality furniture components and material for the Indonesian market that globally sourced as well as locally produced.

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Prasetya Gema Mulya - PGM

PT Prasetya Gema Mulya (PT PGM) established a distribution line of business for VIVERE Group in early 2018. Began with Carta Laminates distribution throughout Indonesia, Carta Laminates is VIVERE Group's very own high pressure laminates (HPL) brand. When hundreds of network distributors, dealers, and shops - PT PGM as the brand principal, ensure that Carta laminates is within reach and meets the demand for HPL in the common market.

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VIVERE Working

VIVERE Working offers an inspiring office collection crafted for modern corporations to create the ambiance of success. Long experience and continuous research shape the collection, as demonstrated by innovative features such as cable management system and open structure that facilitates optimum air circulation. Delight in the purposeful sleekness of our contemporary designs. Dress to success, or in our case, furnish to success.

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Vinotindo Graha Sarana - VGS

VINOTI Office has been helping customers energize their workspace since its 1989 inception. Our 30 years of experience in the furniture industry uniquely position us to meet those needs with a smart and updated design. We believe a workspace should be a place of inspiration, ideally a place where everyone feels energized and motivated to create their best work.

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AIDA Rattan - AIDA

With 30 years of experience in furniture manufacturing in the local market, now we’re also serving overseas markets with our selected products including high-craftsmanship rattan.

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