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Care Maintenance

Bed Care:

  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Wipe clean with a soft, dry cloth for wood section
  • Use a vacuum or soft brush to clean dust and dirt regularly (at least once a month).
  • Spot clean with a damp cloth or use special cleansing liquid for sofa fabric with dry cloth or sponge 
  • If Spot can't be cleaned or your fabric, we suggested to Reupholstery
  • Don't rub dirt or spills
  • Avoid placing plastic or rubber product on top table for a continuous time.
  • For complete sofa cleaning, please call professional sofa cleaning service for best result
  • Use product as it has to be.
Warranty 2 Years
Designer Stanley Marcellius
Series S Series

Product Description

Available in 4 sizes:

  • Extra King
    Fabric A: IDR 26.500.000
    Fabric B: IDR 27.500.000 - Standard Fabric Rich Othello
    Fabric C: IDR 28.500.000
    Fabric D: IDR 29.500.000
    Leather: IDR 62.000.000
    Special: IDR 42.500.000

  • King
    Fabric A: IDR 25.500.000
    Fabric B: IDR 26.500.000 - Standard Fabric Rich Othello
    Fabric C: IDR 27.500.000
    Fabric D: IDR 28.500.000
    Leather: IDR 59.500.000
    Special: IDR 36.500.000

  • Queen
    Fabric A: IDR 24.000.000
    Fabric B: IDR 25.000.000 - Standard Fabric Rich Othello
    Fabric C: IDR 26.000.000
    Fabric D: IDR 27.000.000
    Leather: IDR 57.500.000
    Special: IDR 37.500.000

  • Twin
    Fabric A: IDR 22.500.000
    Fabric B: IDR 23.500.000 - Standard Fabric Rich Othello
    Fabric C: IDR 24.500.000
    Fabric D: IDR 25.500.000
    Leather: IDR 56.500.000
    Special: IDR 34.500.000


  • Extra King : 2195 (W) x 2210 (D) x 930 (H)
  • King : 1995 (W) x 2210 (D) x 930 (H)
  • Queen : 1795 (W) x 2210 (D) x 930 (H)
  • Twin : 1395 (W) x 2210 (D) x 930 (H)


S Series

Design by Stanley Marcellius

S Series line will accentuate your living sanctuary to look modern and contemporary drastically. This addition to existing line is also aimed to give warmth and freshness in your rooms. Playful & colorful life, unique pattern & color for your home which gives fun and cheerful ambiance into your rooms. Last but not least you still can mix and match the products with many styles of your home.

Material Specification :

  • Bed Frame & Headboard: Solid wood frame and plywood – MDF panel base.
  • Bed Frame & Headboard Finish: Normal foam and dacron with fixed upholstery in fabric Rich Othello (Fabric B)
  • Bed Slate: Solid wood straight slated system
  • Notes
  • Fit for mattress size
  • Extra King (2000x2000)mm
  • King (1800x2000)mm
  • Queen (1600x2000)mm
  • Twin (1200x2000)mm
  • With recommended thickness - 300mm
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